Located in Nassau, Bahamas, Blas Ingraham Designs offers custom website design and hosting packages, graphic design and 3d animation services.

We are now branching into photography! Contact us for your next event!


Blas Ingraham is a world renown 3d animator, graphic artist and painter.

With over 15 years experience  in graphics design and 3d animation he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.  His keen eye for capturing elegance and emotion in every situation has made his work, not only recognizable but also highly sought after.


Website Design
We offer affordable packages that are more than competitive in the Bahamian market. As our sites are custom designs you will never have the problem of your site looking just like a million others.

Graphic Design
Blas Ingraham Designs has been freelancing in branding & identity,logo design, website design, illustration, apparel design.

3d Animation
Blas Ingraham Designs is the only studio in the Bahamas to have a world recognized 3d animator on it’s staff, proficient in all aspects of the 3d modeling, animation and rendering.